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The Hague, Netherlands

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14th June 2023

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14th June 2023

Compliance Summary

The Hague

Situated at the heart of Europe, The Hague boasts a thriving ecosystem of research institutions, prestigious universities, and world-class hospitals. With access to a wealth of expertise and cutting-edge resources, hosting your event in The Hague ensures a valuable networking platform for your organization's growth and development.


The Hague for Meetings and Events

The Hague is the ideal destination for business events or conferences. With 65 world-class venues, a capacity of 4,000 attendees, and two international airports just 30 minutes away. In 2022 alone, there were 213,000 congress days planned, making The Hague a premier location for hosting events of every kind.


The city prides itself on its state-of-the-art conference facilities specifically tailored to accommodate lifesciences and medical events. From intimate workshops to large-scale international conferences, The Hague offers a diverse range of venues equipped with advanced audio-visual technology and flexible spaces to meet your specific requirements.


For incentives and meetings where industry codes of practice do not apply:

While in The Hague, attendees can enjoy a remarkable blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. The city's captivating landscapes, such as its renowned coastline and expansive parks, offer a serene backdrop for leisurely exploration and relaxation. Attendees can visit renowned cultural attractions, explore charming city streets, or partake in canal boat tours, creating memorable experiences beyond the event itself.



Beyond its outstanding facilities, The Hague offers a compelling blend of business-friendly amenities. With excellent transportation links, including proximity to major airports and efficient public transportation systems, The Hague ensures convenient accessibility for international attendees. Additionally, the city's thriving business climate provides ample opportunities for industry professionals to connect, collaborate, and forge new partnerships within an enthusiastic eco-system.


The Hague: A Premier Business Hub for Lifesciences and Medical Society Meetings and Events


The Netherlands, and especially the West Holland region, is a hotspot for Life Science Innovation. The Hague and region enjoys a combination of innovative academic institutions, pro-business government support and leading companies. It is home to Medical Delta, the largest Life Sciences, Health and Technology cluster in the Netherlands. We proudly present 10 reasons to invest and innovate in the West Holland region.


Medical Delta

  1. 1.Drug Development & Regenerative Medicine
  2. 2.Genetics & Bio-informatics
  3. 3.Imaging & Image Guided Medicine
  4. 4.Minimally Invasive Interventions & Medical Devices
  5. 5.Biomarkers & Diagnostics of Dutch firms collaborate with foreign companies or universities
  6. 6.itality & Ageing
  7. 7.Big Data & e-Health


Afbeelding met persoon, binnen, staand, vrouw

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving

Living Labs:

One important way in which the Medical Delta network seeks to encourage and accelerate innovation within the healthcare sector is by setting up ‘Living Labs’. These provide experimental, real-life settings, either physical or digital, in which major stakeholders can develop and test new ideas in partnership with end-users.
Contact The. Hague CVB for more information


The partners in Medical Delta – businesses, knowledge institutions, healthcare providers and regional governments – are currently working to establish a system of joint Living Labs. These will focus on a number of key themes, including clinical technology, rehabilitation, independent living, and healthy lifestyle and prevention.


Knowledge Hub

The Hague is developing into a unique hub that connects knowledge centers, governments, health and welfare organizations, entrepreneurs and residents in the field of health care innovation. In order to accelerate the renewal and implementation of healthcare technology, the city encourages and facilitates active knowledge sharing and collaboration.

LUMC Campus:


to read more, please click HERE


The LUMC Campus The Hague is an academic workplace, promoting health in relation to the social domain in the metropolitan area of ​​The Hague. Together with their partners, they want to realize patient-oriented, affordable and accessible care through research, training and education in the field of Population Health Management.

The LUMC Campus The Hague is a joint initiative by the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), The Hague’s Association of Top Clinical Teaching Hospitals (STZ-ziekenhuizen) MCH-Bronovo and the HagaZiekenhuis, Leiden University, the Municipality of The Hague and GGD Haaglanden.


Haaglanden Medisch Centrum te Den Haag – Galjema

Haags Medisch Centrum (HMC):

to read more, please click HERE

HMC is a top clinical hospital. This means they also provide complex care, in addition to basic care. They are specialised in:

  • Highly complex acute care
  • Oncological care
  • Female and paediatric care
  • Elderly care
  • Infectious diseases



Haga Hospital:

to read more, please click HERE


The Haga Hospital is a recognized top clinical training hospital for 24 specialties. This means they do not only provide basic care, but also highly specialized care in a number of areas. They continuously train future doctors and nurses.


Hotels and Venues that are part of the Healthcare Venues platform

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The World Forum:

Conference Centre

Venue Compliance Index 1

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Leonardo Royal Den Haag:

Hotel, City Centre
Venue Compliance Index 4

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The Hague Marriott:

Hotel, City Suburban
Venue Compliance Index 3

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Bilderberg Hotel:

Hotel, Multipurpose

Venue Compliance Index 5
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Hilton Netherlands:

Hotel, City Centre
Venue Compliance Index 1
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Compliance Hotspot

The Hague's perceived brand value as an international business destination is particularly enhanced by its affiliation with the The International Court of Justice. However, we believe that this is not the only criterion to consider when evaluating the venue from a regulatory compliance perspective. You must also consider the city's architecture, which preserves its ancient heritage with many period "Dutch gabled" buildings integrated with the modern, as well as seashore, piers, and leisure facilities. TThe Hague provides a differentiated offer in both the meeting and leisure markets. We recommend thought given to your choice of venue and its relationship to the leisure market, especially during the summer season.


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Meeting rooms for HCP meetings

Here you will find meeting room capacities, based on actual rooms, normally applied to each meeting type. Note: by reviewing each meeting type you can apply the capacities to other meeting types

Meeting Rooms

Number of Meeting Rooms


Largest room - theatre style


Min to max capacities based on specific rooms

External Groups

Venues dedicated to scientific discovery - or have a dual purpose between medicine, science, and meetings.

Venues dedicated to scientific discovery

0 - 26

Hospitals - With Meeting Facilities.


0 - 2

Large spaces - above 1000 persons in auditorium style with exhibit and breakout spaces

Large spaces

0 - 3

Meeting rooms for advisory boards - up to 30 persons boardroom style

Meeting rooms for advisory boards

0 - 11

Exhibit hall - larger than 10,000m2

Exhibit hall

0 - 1

Medium sized meeting rooms - for training and events for clinical trial investigators

Medium sized meeting rooms

0 - 5

Meeting rooms for internal meetings

Here you will find meeting room capacities, based on actual rooms, normally applied to each meeting type. Note: by reviewing each meeting type you can apply the capacities to other meeting types

Meeting Rooms

Number of meeting rooms


Largest room - theatre style


Min to max capacities based on specific rooms

Internal Groups

Ideation and workshop spaces - Venues that offer spaces specifically designed for creativity including space design and technology assets.

Ideation and workshop spaces

0 - 12

Sleeping room capacity overview

Here you will find the room types relevant to this venue


- Total Bedrooms


- Single Standard Room


- Double Standard Room


- Twin Standard Room


- Single Executive Room


- Double Executive Room


Images for approvals and meeting planning

City View

City view

The Hague at Night



train stations

  • Dutch Hague Centraal station - Connections to International Destinations throughout the Netherlands and Europe
  • Dutch Hague Centraal station > Amsterdam Schipol Airport - Direct in approx. 35 minutes
  • Dutch Hague Centraal station > Rotterdam Airport K & R, Rotterdam Airportplein - Direct in approx. 48-55mins
  • Randstad Rail - The metro and tram service in the city of The Hague, and offers transportation to other cities such as Rotterdam.


  • A4 to Amsterdam and Schipol Airport - 12mins from The Hague, Centre


  • Rotterdam / The Hague Airport K & R, Rotterdam Airportplein - 18.4km, 22mins by car
  • Amsterdam Schipol Airport - 43km, 34mins by car


  • Centre of The Hague - the Oude Centrum (Old Centre) - The Hague Centre spreads out from the Hofvijver, a lake overlooked by the Binnenhof, seat of the Dutch parliament.
  • Haga (Teaching Hospital) Hospital - 6km, 17mins from the centre of The Hague
  • City Centre to De Pier, Strandweg (sea front) - 7.4km, 18mins by car

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